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Moorish Civics Class
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the constitution was enforced

From out of the mouths of Babes our duty to our young click here

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The Prophet Plea to a Nation

Friday March 1,1928

Our Divine and National Movement stands for the specific principles of love truth Peace Freedom and Justice, And I the Prophet am applying to all Loyal and Faithful Moors members and the American citizens to help in my great uplifting acts of uplifting fallen humanity among the Asiatic race and nation - for I have suffered much and severly in the past through misunderstanding of what the Movement was dedicated to.

It is the great God Allah alone that guides the destiny of the divine and national movement I know all true American citizens are identified by national and national decent name to answer and apply to the Free National Constitution of this free nantional Republic of the United States of America thats why I am calling on all true national citizens to help me morally and financially in my great work I am goiong to help this national government for without a decent name without a flag of your forefathers there is not a nation giving title of the government in which we live.

This is from your true and divine Prophet unto all American and foreign sympathizers

the Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

1.Who is the Nation? the Moorish nation loyal and faithful Moors those redeemed from mental slavery.

2.Who did the prophet consider fallen humanity? the Asiatic race and nation

3.What is the movement dedicated to? the uplifting of fallen humanity

4.What is our national? Moorish,and what is our national decent name El or Bey

5.Who is the free national Repiblic? the United States of America

6.Why is it important to know your free national and national decent name? to answer and apply to the free National Constitution of the United states

7.Who are the true national citizens? those with free national name and decent flag of their forefathers recognized by this nation (United States ) as an American citizen.

8.How was the Prophet to help this National Government ? by teaching the Moors to be better citizens

9.How are we to answer and apply to the free National Constitution of the United States? you will know who you are and who your forefathers were.

10.What is our national and divine movement? MSTA/MNDM.

11.What misunderstanding of what the movement was dedicated to? we are not to overthrow the laws and constitution of the said government but to obey hereby.

Islam may the blesing of Allah be on those who take this lesson seriously.


D.Wajid Hubbert-Bey


additional questions for the revalers proclaim? to announce publicly national government? black Law 6th edition articles of association

3.liberty ? immunity free action or speech

4.citizenship? one who falls inder municipal and political privelages of state government one family bearing one national name and principle.

5.hereby? by this

6. name dead badges of law? 14,15th amendments

7.why are they dead badges because amendments are temporary laws and can be removed or changed being they are not a part of the original Contitution of the U.S.

8.when was the new era of time declared? August 1,1928 at 2:52 P.M.

9.What is naturalization? being able to apply for citizenship by taking an oth of allegiance becoming a citizen of the government in which we live. see act 3,4,5,6, of the diveine constitution and by laws this is our oath thus authorizing us the right to say I Am A CITIZEN OF THE U.S.

10. Part and Partial of the said Government? the MSTA is the part being incorporated in the U.S.Government we the members make up the Partial being that we are a part of the MSTA.

11.Birth Right ? unmolested right ability to cast free national vote, any right a person is entitled to by birth

12.Nationality ?people connected by ties or blood,languages,customs,inhabitants united under a single Government



Islam Islam

lets get back to teaching, we have gotten away form this and now the time comes to get to the Basics as our numbers continue to grow this means that there are more and more eyes that are focussing on this site, there are more and more words being spoken about this site, and there fore it is the duty of those in whom the trust has been placed to continue showing Moors and none Moors the true significance of the moorish Science Temple of America so we will return to using the questions and answers as we did in the Beginning to sharpen Moors in the Teachings of Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

1. The Prophet said he is calling on all true Citizens to help him in uplifting fallen humanity. Who are the true citizens, and just who is Fallen Humanity.

answer. the true citizens are those who have proclaimed their nantionality.

Fallen humanity are those who still claim the names and custoums that allude to slavery.

2.How did the Prophet call on the True citizens to help?He called on us to teach our people their natoinality and divine creed that know they not negro,colred folk,or black people,but that they are Moorish Americans decndants of Moroccans born in America, and that we are returning the church and Christianity back to the European nations as it was prepared by their forefathers for their earthly salvation, while we moorish americans are returning to Islam which was founded by our Forefathers for our earthly and divine salvation.

3. So with the Morish Sience Temple members are to proclaim their nationaolity part of the nationalization process to make those who proclaim their nationality a part and partial of the Moorish Science Temple and to encourage them to join in the Uplifting acts of the MSTA. therefore answering to the qualifications of citizenship according to the United States Constitution becoming citizens of the U.S.

4. So is it our duty to make every Asiatic Moors ? no The Prophet said what your forefathers were you are today without boubt or contridiction thus Moors are born not made the Problem is our People dont know they are Moors it is our duty to teach them.

This concludes this part of the Teachings that will now be coming to the board as we have a duty to do.


D.Wajid Hubbert - Bey


Facts Concerning the Citizenship of the so called Negro, Black, and Coloed.

Because N E G R O was used in the USA in the past as a word to refer to African slaves, not to any African. It is considered nowadays an insult for an African American to be called a N E G R O as it means to him that you are calling him a slave and reminding him of the humiliation of his ancestors. N E G R O is not the race's name it is a quality that they were defined by, and discriminated by.

Negro's, Blacks, Colored, by Law are PRIMA FACIED deemed slaves and often had the burden of proving their freedom, or were automatically deemed as property [ slaves ]. what one proclaims to be brings about certain legal aspects in determining their natural rights as human beings ! this fact was proven in the Supreme Court Case of Dred Scott.

Noble Drew Ali tells us that if all men are created equal there is no need for the 14th and 15th amendments as admendments are added additions to an already established law under the 14th amendment Negro, Black and Colored are made are deemed a Person as oppsed to a Natural Person and are and are subject to the Jurisdiction of the United States as opposed to the United States of America. please see Due Process laws of the 14th Amendment which also provided the so called Black Man with equal protection of the law , The 15th Amendment granted the so called Negro with the privelage of voting a right that had previuosly been reserved for Free white citizens 18 and older and in good standing in the state in which they reside. thus a law had to be created to garuntee you granted privelages not rights as a citizen.

The 15th amendment does not confer the right of sufferage but prevents the state from giving prefrence to one citizen of the United States over another because of race color or previous conditions of servitude before it's adoption this could be done as it wa much in the power of the state to exclude it's citizens [ Blacks ] from voting.

True citizens are deemed Natural Person in the sight of the law and enjoy to the individual sovereign rights of the first 10 articles of the United States Of America Constitution called the BILL OF RIGHTS.

Noble Drew Ali tells us That all men now must worship inder their own vine [ Ancestry ] and fig Nationality, Tree [ Linage or Descent ] a man with no Nationality is like a tree with no roots.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights International Law says that all persons have the right to proclaim their nationality


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Date / Time: 5/18/2008 5:57 PM

It Is Finished

tired of being nice and Humble even the Prophet said THAT IS TO BAD, let me give you an example of what has been put together so far.

there are alot of things being accomplished throughout the MSTA as the head of Satan is now being taken off. Through the continuous efforts of certain Brothers but even in this as Matheno taught we must have a clear conception of our mission to the sons of men and the only way to do this is to become adept in the laws and teachings of our Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

I have found there are so many Moors that can tell you all, but what the very one who was sent to redeem us has done, and for this reason the shame and glory has been misplaced and this in itself is TOO BAD the eyes of the Moors must now be opened and facts revealed some may not like it but we cannot allow the lies to be dispensed among our young and weak, and think this Divine Movemnet is going to reach its full potentials.

So the first thing to dispose of is this lie the Prophet re-incorporated the temple in 1928, once all understand we will know who truly holds the Corporate entity Known as the Moorish Science Temple of America corporate status thus I create this with no disrespect just truth and pray none take offense but the law is the law and the LAW MUST LIVE.

Lets now study the works of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Beginning in 1925 the Prophet tells us we first organized under the General Assembly of the State of Illinois he is letting us know that the Temple was organized under the laws and provisions of the state legislsation laws of 1872-74 the same laws that later became known to us as Hurds revised Statutes AN ACT CONCERNING CORPORATIONS, November 29,1926 in accordance with state laws of Illinois the Moorish Temple Of Science was incorporated into the state Of Illinois via the Illinois Constitution as a sub division of the City of Chicago. Again under the General Assembly Of the State of Illinois, this was done in the State capital Springfeild Illinois and signed by the Secretary of Territories which is what the office of the Seretary of State was known as before being changed under the Povisions of 1872-74, thus the MTS became a subdivision of the State Of Illinois but a seperate entity [ private sector ] not fully under the jurisdiction of the State. this is the importance of the Certificate of Corporation # 10580,known as the Charter.

Too many are caught up in the Illusion they cant see what the Prophet really did November 29, was the actual day the Articles of Incorporation filed by the Prophet along with others for the upliftment of fallen humanity was accepted and the Charter was Issued not the day it was filed remember the Prophet said before he tells us he has already done it the Charter of the Moorish Temple of Science was now in affect as a civic corporation of the State of Illinois but having it's own jurisdiction as a sub division of the City of Chigago.[ private sector] all the catholic church thing comes later as we will show.

The first nationality cards as well as the adept chambers were formed under the original corporate status and it was in these adept chambers Moors were instructed and sent out with the learning truths of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, who were instructed to teach our people and errect temples in the name of the MOORISH TEMPLE OF SCIENCE. between 1926-1928 15 temples were errected in 15 different states some say there were branch temples of the 15 making it indeed 26 temples. This is why the 1926 corporation is very important it is the Foundation of the Present Day Moorish Science Temple Of America, and cannot be done away with as some are trying to do. THE PROPHET SAID THEY ARE TRYING EVERY WEAK MIND TO TEAR DOWN AND DRAG OUT THE TRUE FONDATION IN WHICH I THE PROPHET HAVE BUILT FOR YOU. But their own bad plannings cause them to fall and now the time has come to cast them out with dirt on their heads.

Peace and Love


as pointed out in 1926 The Moorish Temple Of Science was incorporated into the state of Illinois it has become necessary to define the Corporation and scope so that all falsehoods would be removed.

Barrons law Dictionary 5 th Edition

Public Corporation [ political corporation ] those created by the state to fulfill certain purposes to possess Governmental Powers and functions such as a lesser governmental body [ towns, cities ] school districts, water districts, post office, The United States Post Office etc.

Therefore as you can see the Moorish Temple of Science was incorporated as a seperate entity with governmental scope just as any city or town [ the alliance little wheel in a big wheel ]. it's scope to uplift fallen humanity and to teach our men and women the things necessary to make them better citizens. [ civic ] The Prophet tells us we have to promote economic security [ a non profit organization as finance generated is for the benefit of All ] as no other thing is more needed, he tells us our men, women, children should be taught to beleive in the capacity of our group to succeed in busuiness , in spite of trials and failures, encouragement, support and patronage that would have some of our worthy business ventures a grand success. Our business entrprise in every feild of endeavor should have the fullest confidence cooperation and patronage.

[ self improvement doing for self ].

This in turn brings me to act #1 of the additional laws which were the original laws of 1926 the Prophet tells the heads of the Temple at that time let it be FINANCE PROPERTY or any line of life that will cause MEMBERS to sacrifice FINANCE etc. now the question comes to me where did ones get this 501c 3 status from but we will get off into that later as it couldnt have been, I cannot see this in the scope of our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, as he tells us we must maintain a national treasury as well as an emergency fund. He also told us when any temple desires to purchase PROPERTY they are to notify the Grand Body or the Prophet, and the Property is to be put in the name of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali or the Temple, therefore there is no federal regulations or codes on this Divine Movement other than those who dont understand tried to place on it, no UCC codes as we were not doing over seas business therfore we needed no federal regulations, we are seeking to errect a nation that is self sufficient.

By the Year 1927 the Moorish Temple of Science had business.schools, a manufaturing company, some individual temples owned stores, laundramats, restraunts, etc. The Prophet himself manufatured and sold his own products the Moorish Guide, all had started to become a business adventure Self Government Moors Self Government.





                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.