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1.The Moorish Science Temple was organized as a legal civic
incorporated organization in in 1926 under what act? what state?
3.what is this entitled act known as?
4.when was this act approved?
5.when was this same act enforced?
6.what took place with this act November29,1929?
7.who were the Five assembled before the State whom would be vestes
with the management of the Moorish Temple Of Scinece?
8. for how long were they vested with this power?
9.what was the title of their respected office?

            > 1. when did The Prophet first established The Divine Constitution
            > By Laws???
            >######The Divine Constitution and By Laws were first adopted, as we
            find in our Services and meetings, by the Grand Body during the Fist
            Annual Convention Oct. 15-20, 1928, can anyone tell me the exact day
            as it slips my memory?######
            2. when did The Prophet first establish The Charter???
            >######The Charter was first establish Oct. 15th 1926, when the
            Moorish Holy Temple of Science was incorporated. The 1926 Charter
            was only amended as far as the name being replaced.#######
            correction the coprate name was the Moorish temple of science
            3. when did The Prophet first establish the Nationality Card???
            >######The Nationality card was first established in 1926 after the
            incorporation of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, am I right?####
            The Moorish Holy Temple of science was an adopted name the true name is
             The Moorish Temple of Science
            4. when did The Prophet first establish the Holy Koran???
            >######The Moorish Koran was first printed in 1927, and later handed
            down to the general membership Dec. 15th, 1928.########
            5. when did The Prophet first establish the Fez???
            >######Well, the first reports of the Prophet wearing the Fez was in
            1925, when he came to Chicago, and was first seen in the Parking lot
            proclaming, "Come All Ye Asiatics..."########
            6. when did the Prophet first establish the grand body???
            >#######The Prophet first established the Grand Body, when the first
            Convention convened, that was the first time the Grand body was in
            Session, it was here at the First Convention(Oct. 15th-20th, 1928),
            that the Prophet set aside the grand Body as a Law making body. The
            Grand Body is the business House and Adept Chamber for all
            subordinate Temples.#######
            7. when did the Prophet first establish his prophethood???
            >######The Prophet decared that he was a Prophet in 1925, and
            declared that a sign would manifest to prove so. That sign was a
            Cresent hanging low in the Western sky, it was seen in Dec. of 1925,
            and reported in the papers.#######
            Moors please correct my errors, if there be any.
            Peace and Love
            In the Service of Allah,
            Brother J. Hairston Bey
> Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Founder and Father of our redemption
            > ISLAM,
            > 1. name five moroccan dynasties???
            >******Almoravids, Almohades, Idrissid, Marinades, Saadian. I chose
            the Majority of these for their link to the History of the Moorish
            2. name the ruler/rulers of morocco during 1925-1928???
            >******Now this question will create a stir for there wasn't Moorish
            ruler for the entire requested period. Morocco became a French
            protectorate in 1912, and a Military Governor(French) was put in
            place by the name of Louis Hubert Lyautey(April 28, 1912-August 25,
            1925) when he was replaced by a Resident General Oct. 4th, 1925, by
            the name of Theodore Steeg. Now the Northern portion of Morocco was
            being controled by the Spanish and their rulers were:
            Miguel Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja(Oct. 16th, 1924-Nov. 2, 1925), he
            was replaced by Jorje Sanjurjo Sacanell Buenrostro(Nov. 2, 1925-
            1928), and he was replaced by Francisco Gomez Jordana(1928-April 19,
            1931). The Moorish Sultan who ruled within the 1925-1928 period was
            Sultan Muhammad V who came into government Nov. 18, 1927 and ruled
            until August 20th, 1953.*********
            3. name the present day ruler of morocco???
            >*******King Muhammad VI, who came into power July 23, 1999. The
            Prime Minister of the Country is Driss Jettou who received the
            station Oct. 9, 2002, and is still the Prime Minister.********

            4. which moroccan ruler was called "the invincible"???
            >*******Abd Al Rahman******

            5. who was the moroccan ruler in 711 A.D. that conquered the Iberian
            > penninsula???
            >*******Tarik ibn Zayyid, whom the Rock of Gibraltar(there is also
            an Island named Gibraltar) was named after.*****
            6. who was the moroccan ruler that signed the first treaty to
            > recognize the United States of America???
            >*******Siddi Muhammad III******

            7. why is it called morocco???
            >******From the Arabic Magrib al-Aqca( meaning Extreme WEST). the
            word "Moro" in spanish means "Moor", as well.*****
            Peace and Love
            Your brother in Islamism,
            Brother J. Hairston Bey

            > Peace,
            > In the service of ALLAH and Humanity.
            > Prince Ka Saadi El, Adept.
            > "I am a Moslem"
            > NEW FEZ (Galveston Tx)

            > 1. when did Lilly Sloan join the temple???
            >Answer: 1927
            2. when did E. Mealy El join the temple???
            >Answer: 1927
            3. when did C. Kirkman bey join the temple???
            >Answer: 1927
            4. when did John Givens El join the temple???
            >Answer: 1927
            5. when did Ira Johnson Bey join the temple???
            >Answer: 1927
            6. when did C.M. Bey join the temple???
            >Answer: 1928
            7. when did Claude D. Greene Bey join the temple???
            >Answer: 1925
            Someone please correct any errors that I have made.
            Peace and Love
            In the Sevice of Allah,
            Brother J. Hair


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From the Revealers Prep Site

Marion Illinois

To Brother Wajid Bey

Supreme Revealer.



Islam here are the first 12 of the question and answer session we Pray these help you out in your endeavor to educate those in our reveal what most say is concealed.

Peace D.Craft El

Acting Grand Sheik.

1.)What is the science of the Moorish people

A.the science of the Moorish People is a power that exerts itself

for the individual at the will of it's user

Q.when is the power active?

A. when the Moor is fully conciuos of himself

Q.what does history and reliance upon Allah do for a Moor?

A.history and reliance upon Allah supply a Moor with strength that

He may act in the cause of Justice

Q.what is this called

A.this is called by all Moors functioning on all Points many degrees does each poit represent?

A.each point represents 72 degrees and is functioning with maimum


Q.What does moor self contain?

A.the Moor self contains science that is a beneficient gift form

he has no boundries and is all consuming.

Q.if a Moor violates the divine creed what will happen

A. justice must take its course

Q. what are some of the powers of a Moor mind that the European has no

inclinging of?

A. telepathy which has been developed thru transition and all manner of Physical


Q.explain why Europeans like to indulge in the ancient rites of the Moors?

A.because they have no knowledge of the moors and no other course to take to find

out concerning The Moors mind and has to rely upon what he sees and experience

with his eyes. the European Forbidden?

A. yes

Q.what is it he couldnt stand to see?

A. our rituals because it defies his very principles of action, and all his pet theories

would come tumbling down.

Q. Why do Moors love the Earth?

A. we love the earth because it is our home it is our homes as long as our bodies

remain in it's present form we know the fultility of trying to escape our enviroment.

Islam Moor we Bid you Peace the Brothers Miss you !

Craft El

Part #2 of the Questions

Q. what have we found in this world?

A. we have found peace in this world and are manifesting all proper


Q.what is our science?

A. our science is a living manifestation

Q.what has Allah Provided for us?

A.he has provided signs that we have recognized and used

Q.what have the none spiritually inclined scoffed at ?

A. the non spiritually inclined have scoffed at the majesty of the divine

being and made mockery at evrything decent. some of the feilds through out the world that have been influenced by the


A. to name a few navigation,medicine,agriculture,philosophy, mathematics,textiles,and


Q.what do the moors claim concerning western civilization?

A. western civilization had its greatest contribution from the moors and owe its success

to them as a direct result of the knowledge obtained from the Moorish Universities. is the claim further acentuated?

A. by being enslaved and having to empty suggested science to lift the yoke form our


Q.what did Prophet Drew Ali say concerning the West?

A. the West must be made to pay their debt to the Moors.

Q. How can the history of man be emunated?

A. through the spiritual evolution of the mind of man.

Q. why is this so?

A. because history is in measurable

Q. what does the History of the Moors describe?

A. the Inner struggle of Man

Q.what does the history lay bare?

A. the history of spirit man manifested in a body of flesh.

Q.are all moors moslems?

A. all Moors are not moslems all moslems are not Moors.

Q. what hue are the Asiatics?

A. olive

Q.what about the Moors?

A. some are olive some are ebony hued

Q. why is this so?

A.because our shade range in 16 demensions of color 64 types

and shades of eye,we are tall, short,fat,skinny,thick lipped

some have broad noses,and some have aequline noses.

Q.what is the crow of life?

A. the essentials of life.

Q. hom many jewels does it consist of?

A. 12

Q. what is the symbol of Islam?

A. the olive branch

Q. what is the emblem of Islam?

A. the crescent moon and star.

Q. what is the scripture of Islam?

A. the Holy Koran and all books that contain truth

for the guidance of man.

Q. what is the Moorish national?

A.the Morning star

Q. what does the star symbolize?

A. the spirit of a nation both in moral recitude and physical


Q.when did the banner come in orbit

A.the banner came into order after the circumnavigation of Africa by the Moors

Q.what type of star is the morning Star?

A.the morning star is a five pointed open star

Q.what does the singleness of the star represent?

A.the ones of humanity which prelide the grand idea of motherism I.O.the worship

of God.

Q.what does the science of the nation proclaim?

A.a natoin idivisible.

Q.what does the openess of the star tell us/

A. the openess of the star tell us we are a nation indivisible through the will

of Allah and by hhis will our nation dependant soley upon him.

Q.what are the points of the star called?

A. pentagrams

Q.what are the pentagrams? is man himself in the higher plane making an effort to please his creator by using

the great facillities of his mind to monitor his blessings and set a standard for future


Q.what are the pentagrams?

A.they are the expression of the science that banish into the thoughts of the ancient

Moors mind.

Q.what does the pentagrams describe?

A.they describe mans every sphere of life in a single expression how is the ancient nation mounted? is mounted in the center of a bright read flag or banner

Q.what was the color of the banne before red?

A.white as the driven snow.

Q. what does the red signify?

A.moorish blood that has been shed in defense of his principles,over 10,000 years.

Q.what does the color green in the star represent?

A.fresh life everlasting life.

Q.what is the complete circle and how many degrees and how many degrees does it represent

A.the free will of man which equal 360 degrees the pentagrams and the degree?

A.the first point divine creed,

I rise far above the finite to Infinite giving all perfect praise to
Allah the creator and author of the worlds.I give honors to the
Christ who declared this a new era of time in 1928 telling us that
all men now must propcalim their Nationality I'm talking about the
Prophet then the Prophet now Noble Drew Ali.I give honors to the one
who was heard shouting in the Wilderness up upn you mighty race you
can accomplish wht you will Marcus Mosiah Garvey honors to all Past
grand sheiks and moderators and honors to each of you cause when you
honor man you honor Allah.
     The lesson for today is Test your Knowledge these are basic
questions any Moor should be able to answer.
1.what marrige took place April 22,1929?
2.what took place at 3140 s. Indiana march 25,1929?
3.who is Pearl Jones El?
4.on march 11th 1929 who did the Prophet write a letter to and for
what purpose?
5.who is sister Christina Rhodes El?
6.who betrayed the Prophet Feb 15,1929
7.what color was the circle seven medallion before 1928?
8.what position did Pearl Jones El hold?
9.who is the noted attorney that represented the Prophet and later
turned congressman? long did the Prophets body lie in the state?
11.what is the name and adress of the Funeral Home the prophets body
was in?
12.Who delivered the eulogy at the Prophets funeral?
13.who sang the solo at the Prophets funeral? long was Dr.Payne the Prophets Doctor?
15. What year did Supreme Grand Sheik Mealy El pass form?
16.what year did the Supreme Grand Advisor and Moderator C.Kirkman
Bey pass form?
Moors these are questions any Moor should Be able to answer.
D.Wajid Bey


1.What Moorish Leader amended to the original corporation documents of the MSTA filed by our Prophet and therefore has the only legally recognized continuation of the Prophets 1928 corporation. and what is the name of that particular fraction? C.Kirkman Bey

2.Is the Prophet the author of the Moorish koran ?yes through the compilation of the Moorish koran but he is not the Author of it's instructions.

3.During the first annual Moorish convention what laws were handed down to the members of the Moorish Science Temple of America, and what was the supreme law that was handed down later on?the divine constitution and by-laws and Moorish quetionaire.The Supreme Law The moorish Koran was handed down Dec.15.1928

4.When did the title grand advisor come about and who anominated Kirkman Bey for the title.?The title Grand advisor was bestowed on Kirkman Bey during the first annual convention in 1928,and it was the First national Grand Sheik E.Mealy-El who anominated him for the Position and voted on by 2/3 of the Grand body.

5.What two Moorish leaders were recognized as having the two largest fractions of the Moorish Science Temple during the contreversy of 1929 ?Brother C.Kirkman Bey,and John Givens El


6. There are three titles given to our Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the Miftah,The Muhaimin,and the Muqrarrabin can anyone define these titles.the Miftah= the Key

the Muqarrbin=the guide,the way,the master, Muhaimin=the Protector


7.Who is it that sits as the Supreme Executive Ruler of Third heaven? Noble Drew Ali


8.In 1982 what Moorish leader in a court decision was recognized by the Illinois Cook Count Court as having the exclusive right to use the Name Moorish science Temple Of America Inc.Brother R.Love-El v.Densmore-Bey

9.What is the name the temple was first incorporated under in 1926?The Moorish Temple of Science


10.What was the original name used by the Prophet for the Mufti corp. ?The moorish Intelligence Bureau

11. How many days after the birth of a Prophet is is declared a new year? seven days


12.Name the members of the Supreme Grand council ?Noble Drew Ali, Blackwell-Bey, Richard Ross-Bey, Governor Lomax-Bey, E.Mealy -El, C.Greene-Bey



Quetions From the Moorish Koran

1.The human seed that came forth form the heart of Allah what potencies did it hold? all power in the heaven and earth


2.In the front of our Moorish Koran who is the Mufti guarding the door of Third Heaven? the Prophet Noble Drew ali


3.Who is the Son Of the Most High? Jesus


4.According to our Moorish Koran how is one tested and found to be the message that he brings?by pressing along the thorny ways of life,reaching the heights that any man has reached as the highest heights are gained by those who reach the greatest depths thus reaching the point to where your words and deeds in all walks of life are proof of your Messiahship?


5.Wisdom and Will Divine moved on the face of boundless space and what attribute of Allah was born? Love Divine


6.What is the Will of Allah ? force


7.What was the one called who came to bring to men a Light the Light of Life?The Day Star from on High



These questions have been conducted or compiled form things taught here on this site and through out the Moorish Movement no matter what Grand body you reside under and are compiled here to show that we are all one big Family through the efforts of our Illustrious Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Thus we ask that all Moors on this site Participate in answering the Quiz questions that we may take your answers and develope a new line of topics to discuss here on this site The Revealers


The Moderators



                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.