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From Out of the Mouths of Babes the Continuation through the Young
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Removing The Myths So That Our Young May Know

Islam Islam

I rise giving Perfect Praise to the One God Of The Univers Allah

I give honors to His Prophet his Prophet then his Prophet now Noble Drew Ali

I Give Honos to the Forerunner Elisha come again, John the Baptist reincarnation

the voice heard crying in the wilderness Marcus Mosiah Garvey. and I give honors to each of you cause when you honor Man you honor Allah.

Islam Moors.

This posting may stir the the ethers make a few a lil warm under the collar but Truth is the only thing that changes not. I hear many speak of unity, I hear many speak of a nation, I hear many thoughts of who is doing what who did what ect. ect. I went back over old post, I examined some old instant messanger confrences held between me and some of the Members here at this site the Revealers. and it was the name Revealers that caught my attention. The Prophet tells us that many claim to have the answer, but ask the subject ( those who are affected by the choices of others ) and where is the answer.

what many of us have done is overlook a Prophecy made by the Prophet himself when he spoke of our young He said it would be Young Moors to come into the Temple with their eyes wide open and they would carry out his laws he said some of us old Moors would have to take a backseat. Moors I dont know about you but I await that day, you See alot of you old Moors got to realize it's a new day many of us have buit walls around us we dont see the flowers growing in the feilds we have taken titles and personalized them, we think we have the answer and we may but we are not the ones to manifest them. The Prophet said we call them the long Promised Sons they are the ones to build the Solid Foundation, it is our duty to teach them of their Mission he said OUT FROM OUR SUNDAY SCHOOLS COME THE GUIDERS OF A NATION, thus us older Moors have to pave the way prepare the People for their coming.

But you Young Moor have to realize as well that in us older Moors there is much Wisdom that Allah speaks to man through man he tells us to communicate it to the ignorant for their instruction, communicate it to the wise for thine own improvement. so here in the near future I will be concentrating more on you younger Moors because you are the ones to raise this Nation as Jesus pointed out in another teaching from out of the mouths of Babes come much wisdom. The time draws near, and the Prophecy made and we each have a duty to preform. You young Brothers represent that third and fourth generation the Prophet spoke of , but the question arises do you have the strength to go on there are many of you who say you are ready but are you, men love to follow and not to lead are you ready to lead cause in leading Moors its not easy you got to be able to succor you brother, you cant forsake your sister, you have to be able to place faith, Moors where there was no faith ( in our own ) this will be your greatest task.



.Wajid Hubbert-Bey

set their souls on fire continued

continuation of set their souls on fire

set their souls on fire continued

this Portion of this posting is dedicated to My young sisters don't  think that you dont have a role as well becuase you do you my sisters are the gateway to our existance therefore you have to be taught as well you are the first teachers of the even younger to come you are the mothers of Humanity from the womb to the cradle.It is from you that nations have come forth and it is through you that nations continue to exist often times we as men tend to forget your role in this Divine Mission the Prophet expressed you role in the Education of Elizabeth and Mary, you see a man may say something to instruct a child but it is you who becomes the true teacher youre the one to inforce what was said being you are the one who spends the most time with the child this is what the Prophet meant when he said MOTHERS LOOK AFTER YOUR CHILDREN ( you are the Teacher ) WHEN HE SAID OBEY YOUR HUSBNDS ( respect him, and his wishes, help him to raise and guide your young ) work in unison teach your child the values of life show them the meaning of LOVE and RESPECT remeber the child is as perfect as the Mother though you may not be on the front line of this battle your role is just as important you are the force behind the scene. the ones to teach your children to be industrious to help in the uplifting acts of the MSTA this is why you are called the Prophets RIGHT HAND now lets prepare to take your Place as well in the affairs of men as the guiders of our CHILDREN. this is what is meant by it takes a village to raise a child but the lessons start at home it is that childs immediate atmosphere that determines his character his/her outcome in society in life thus in some ways Moabitess setting his social status how many of you saw the Movie Ray about Ray Charles life how many times did he reflect back to what his Mother had taught.

with this I leave as I came.



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                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.