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New Nation On the Rise Preistly Order !
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Egypt to the West

A Preistly Nation:

My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge : I have been inspired to share these words after conversing with others concerning the true Identity and culture of our People as it has become obvious that so many have come forth speakin with forked tounges and bearing false titles as I ask certain questions ones should know and can't answer.

In our Prophet being an Egyptian Adept the Mystics of ancient Egypt were revealed to the Moors of America as early as 1913. By the year 1925 - 26 Noble Drew Ali introduced what he called the Adept Chambers these chambers were designed to raise the conciousness of those who were admitted within the Dysmal Crypts. thus recreating the Temple Preisthood as well as the initiation Process of the Ancient Universities such initiations as the Symbolic rite of cleansing [ Baptisim ] as well as the right of passover [ or the raising of the dead ] it would be these learned men who would now become the Guiders of a Nation. Within these chambers were taught the mystic relations of the ether plane as we we're taught that man must pass through all the ways of life as ether is the space in which everything takes place it is the causeless cause the rootless root and is depicted as the primeval waters from which all life sprang the result of vibrations and rythm and tones as depicted in our Moorish koran Wisdom speaks From Out Of the Highest Plane of Spiritual Life.

Also within these Moorish Chambers Moors were taught about the Mystic God Allah the fact that we cant see him does not mean that he does not exist as we can definately feel his presnse as well as see his image as the nearest place to meet him is in the heart for which we are taught are even taught the name of the hidden one I point this out because there are those who are confused as they only know of the creative side the side that Allah created everything from thought but to the learned we know that this life force exist within all creation thus there is a power in all things as they all have one source, there is one cord that binds them all in unity, Thus all life is one and Allah is that hidden force [ Spirit of life ] The Primeveal waters in whom there is no death and yet exist the totallity of life.

Another factor Noble Drew Ali told us to look at the Garments he has on They were given to him by the Government ! thus he was Recognized as the Prince of a Nation a High Preist of the Royal House who's divine mission was to arise and warn the People His mantle of ranking was worn across his chest a Lector Preist High Preist of the Egyptian Temples, as well as a government official who bought to us the Moorish Americans the Title to our vaste estate and declared America as Egypt to the West as it was from the Pharohs that the Moabite received permission to move in and settle this part of Africa on the Northwestern and Southwestern Shores of Africa Egypt the Capital Dominion Hamitite Territory and referred to as the Hot lands, the Territory of the Hamitites.

The Moabites along with their Brethren formed what became known as the Moorish Empire [ some scholars have depicted this as the actual land Mass of Ta Muur Re the Land of the Moorish Gods ! ] The domonion given them by the Egyptian Rulers across the Great Atlantis, The present North South and Central Americas, Also Mexico [ the ruling capital in this hemisphere ] and the Atalntis Islands [ we never left Egypt ] The Moors became the custodians of the Egyptian Teachings because in essence we are the Egyptians and this is why the Pyramid is on the Back of the Dollar and depicts to the New World Order because one day the land will return to the Govenment. We are adhereing to the ways of forefathers as it has been ordained to be.

Our Authority declares Chicago as the land of Peace our New Mecca and all Members of the Moorish Science Temple Of America Citizens thereof. As our Government is of a Preistly Order and those elected and appointed to propagte the faith and extend the learning truths of the Prophet of the Great Ali Thus we are the Ambsassadors of the Preistly City of the Moorish Nation, so to all those who doubted now do you see what our Prophet bought to us ? can you see the foundation now ? This is the construction of a new but old World Power but as depicted in our Holy Koran we are only in the Preperation stages. As the Cosmic Forces of the Universe are now submitting to our will Justice is now taking it's course.


D.Hubbert-Bey ( 7 ) Revealer #1

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                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.