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the revealers news letter to be updated each month

Islamism Our religion

Islam Islam

Irise giving perfect praise and admoration to the wonders of his love to him alone do I give these things My Father God Allah. I give honor to his Love though made manifest The Prophet then the Prophet now Noble Drew Ali, I give honor to the purity of the so called black struggle made manifest the forerunner of our Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey, I give honors to all past and Present Grand sheiks and to all who have taken upon themselves to spread the gospel of Islamism and I give honors to each and everyone of you because when you honor man you honor Allah.

It is time now to take this site to higher heights,thus I have returned to the basics to show this lesson.

What is your religion?Islamism, is that a new or old time religion? that old time religion?

Dear moors this the very first lesson of the Divine laws that were handed down Dec.15,1928 to know thyself to learn your higher and lower self to note your inner strengths to know that the soul of man is the Council chambers for the manifesting of Allah,but the soul must be pure for love to live,thus killing off the body of desires that reside within the flesh and thus the soul of man becomes the Battle Ground between good and evil, need and desire, love and lust. a conflict that cannot be told in words.but they both stride naught goes down and man as aught abides therein.

Thus we have the religion of Islamism,the inner struggle of man to raise from the depths of hell to highest heights of spiritual life thus the science of Islamism is to KNOW THYSELF AND ALLAH. because when you know thyself you become Allah, you become the HOLY KORAN all power in the heavens and the earth is handed to you you regain your lost heiretage of everlasting life, a master upon the seat of wisdom, to those who come in contact with you become a breeze of faith,a spiritual pleasure, your words are of good, others benefit from being in your company, and even when far and near they continue to benefit from you.

Thus there are none that can question the religion of Islamism once on has learned what it is themselves you become the message you bring. you words and deeds are proof of your messiahship. a way of life


D.Wajid Hubbert-Bey

The Revealer

The Picture you see is none other than the Prophet noble Drew Ali,
the Logos 1886 consummate Moorish Moslem,Master Sage, upon the seat of Wisdom, Supreme Executive Ruler of Third Heaven,The Grand Heirophant of Amexem. The Great Light Of Islam In the West.
we will be bringing you more on this noble figure and the message that he bought to the Moorish Americans of North America

this was written
by Wajid Bey
We rise above the finite dust to infinite Wisdom giving perfect
praise to the on God of the universe Allah.We give honors to the
thought of Allah manifested in the flesh to bring us the everlasting
Gospel of Allah our Prophet then our Prophet now Noble Drew Ali.
We give honors to each of you cause when you honor man you honor
Islam for a long time we have sat back never really truly revealing
ourself but now time comes and We must now begin this Divine mission
to bring our People out of falsehood of a religion that was not
prepared for them a religion that has kept them looking towards the
sky for miracles to happen though it sustained them in times of
slavery as they hummed those old spirituals in the feilds sending
secret messages through their songs.
  The Truth of the Matter is they chased after Gods they knew nothing
of. President Woodrow Wilson is recorded as telling our Prophet that
as long as They (European) kept their schools and churches opened the
Moors will never follow him because of the pigment of his skin(a form
of self hatred)there use to be an old saying "if youre white your
right" if youre brown get down and if youre black get back" but you
will see what I am saying as we continue with this lesson.
  We quote from the book of revelations chapter 18:4 Then I heard a
voice from heaven say come out of her,my people so that you share not
in her sins so that you will not receive her plagues(verse15) for her
sins are piled up to Heaven and God remebered Her crime.
    Isalm Moors we speak here of the christian church the Europeans
greatest source of this philosophy of white supememacy .The Prophet
tells us in the Moorish koran 48:6 We as a pure and clean nation
decended from the inhabitant of Africa do not desire to amalgamate(to
mix or unite) or marry into the families of the pale skinned nations
of Europe, neither serve the gods of their religion.chapter48:7 of
the Moorish Koran  Therefore We are returning the Church and
Christianity back to the European nations as it was prepared by their
forefathers for their earthly salvation. Islam For their EARTHLY
SALVATION because of tis Philosophy our people have been held in
perpetual slavery proclaiming to be what they are not and every time
it is proclaimed the European knows this is another one that has not
awaken yet he still sees them as God that was the Purpose of making
images of Jesus blond hair and blue eyes declaring himself as God
(Moorish questionaire#92) what title does satan give himself God and
actually taught our ancestors not to look on their face because of the
Bible verse that says no man has ever looked on the Face of God and
for those that did surely it meant death this was a method used to
strike fear in the hearts of our slave ancestors when in all
actuallity they could not look on our face the True faces ,made in
the Image of Allah the Prophet said when you look in the face of man
you look in the face of Allah. but to look one of the salve masters in
the eye usually resulted in a beating and sometimes death and to
eyeball one of their weomen was sure death.and at the same time
proclaimimng to be the rulers of the land because of the pigmentation
of their skin(moorish questionaire#93)there is nothing pure about
their hearts Moors they are of their father who was a murder and liar
from the start.(we better watch what we say on this internet)and
still we have people who seek mercy from a people who have no mercy a
people who developed a doctrine of religion 500 years after the death
of Jesus,this same religion whose Leaders sanctioned the slave trade
of our forefathers,who's saints massacered all those who didnt
proclaim their faith taking the lives of Many of our Forefathers who
would not denounce the religion of Islam doubt my words read up on
the Spanish Inquitsition,read up on the popes of portugal,read up on
the Catholic church period.For all those diehard Christians of dark
hue who would lay your life on the line for the Religion of your
Slave Holders Read up on the Nicean Coucil which will take you into
the false doctrines of this Religion.The doctrines of those who stole
you from your land killing off you fathers and leaving you mothers
widows the same ones who took all knowledge of yourself and your
forefathers,took your language,taught to hate your own instead of
love.and still you follow their ways refusing Truth the only thing
that could set you free
  But I want you to know why we are trying to Bring you out because
like we said you chase after Gods you Know nothing of please read the
Book of Isaiah 14:12-17


                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.