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This page will have a copy of our latest organization newsletter. We will update the page each month.


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               The Revealers News Letter                                                                                                                                                                                                     Nationality The Order Of The Day


The prophet asked the question what is you nationality Moorish American  what is His nationality Moorish American, Why are we Moorish American because we are descendants of Moroccans born In America, When was the Moorish Science Temple Of America established 1913 Where Newark New Jersey. Theses are the Questions every Moorish American should Know in order to answer up to the Constitution of your free national government, What is you free national Government The Moorish Science Temple of America, Moorish Divine National Movement which was incorporated into the government via the Illinois state constitution Nov. 29, 1926 Under the name Moorish Temple of Science.






May 2, 1928 a special meeting was called and the Name Moorish temple of Science was changed to the Moorish Science Temple Of America, July 20th 1928 The first Sheiks of the temple were named as the new board of directors for the now Moorish Science Temple Of America. On August 1, 1928 at 2:52 P.M. the affidavit known as our Authority  or form 1099 was filed in the County Clerks office as notification of the reorganizing of the Temple changing it’s status form a civic organization to a civic /religious organization who’s purpose is for the uplifting of fallen humanity and to teach our men and women things necessary to become better citizens, as well a to propagate the faith of Mohammed and extend the learning truth of the  Great Prophet Of Ali .


Why is this necessary to know because the Prophet was dealing with International law, and in International law nationality plays a very big part in ones legal political status. As Nationality is seen as a legal bond between the individual and the State [ nation ]. As

there is a such thing as a Stateless Person and are still looked at as a tree with no roots, no political or social status , or rights of that particular State [nation ]  thus you are in essence an undesirable the only difference is you have a Nationality as no man is able to take away your nationality unless his power extends beyond  the great God Allah, but in all actuality you have no national state or flag in which to claim thus the law being a descendant of  Moroccans born in America does not make you a citizen. As a citizen is a member of the state in which he claims to be a part of , all free national citizens are one family bearing one free national name Moorish American. Thus Through International law unless you are a member of the state though you may be of Moorish descent you are not entitled to the rights and protection of that State. The Prophet Noble Drew Ali Makes this Clear IN THE DIVINE WARNING BY THE PROPHET  when he says those who fail to recognize the name of their free national government are classified as undesirables as there is not a nation on this earth that will recognize you  SOCIALLY, PLOTICALLY, RELIGIOUSLY ETC. and why because without the descent flag of your forefathers there is not a national divine title of the government in which we live. THE NEGRO PRBLEM is being solved only as it can and that is by the Moorish National Divine  Movement .




 Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali  Founder of the Moorish Science Temple Of America. Born Jan 8,1886 in the State of North Carolina 



 The Moorish Science temple Of America National Divine Movement is recognized by the nations of the earth as a Free National Constitutional Government Of Moorish America, thus waving the descent flag of our forefathers, as a International sign that the Moors still exist in this land Known as America [NORHTWEST AMEXEM ]  and it’s members [citizens ] legal persons of that STATE [ nation ] and by the international laws of  the state of the MSTA/MNDM or the adopted name Moorish America enjoy the full political rights of their dual citizenship as members of the Unified States of America formed 1889-90. The Prophet Noble Drew Ali created the state of 



Moorish America and issued charters to every state through out the united states claiming territories of the state.

Key 32 where is the Moroccan Empire ?  Northwest  Amexem. Pan American Conference held in Havana Cuba Feb, 16 – 20  five months later the Moorish Nation is reestablished enforcing the Mandate of Act # 6 of the Divine Constitution and By- Laws

Placing the Moors in position to enforce all treaties and agreements made between the Moroccan Empire and the United States, which are by international law are legal and binding contracts SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND for which the United States stands in breach of. As the Moors were not to be enslaved. But because they honored not the principle and creed of their forefathers and clinged to names that allude to slavery.


Another Question are the Moors Nationals ? Under International law a citizen is one who is a citizen of the territories and possessions which are not among the states forming the union, they owe allegiance to the United States and are United States Nationals in the contemplation of International law they do not possess full rights of citizenship

In the United States it is their Nationality

In the wider sense not their citizenship which is internationally relevant.


Nationally in the sense of citizenship of a certain state must not be confused with nationality as meaning membership of a certain nation in the sense of race.


The prophet tells us we are CITIZENS OF THE U.S.A.  thus we enjoy the full rights of citizenship amongst the Union States [ nations ] of America so no the  members of the Moorish science temple of America are not Nationals we are citizens and being we are citizens of two separate Governments our citizenship is based on the Principals of Jus Sanguinis  and Jus Soli  because we proclaim to be the descendants of the Moroccan Moors born here in America thus we are Moorish American and not just Moors




































































                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.