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Peace and Greetings My Brother!

Thanks for all the great works and words you bestow upon all of us.

Do you have the subject statements?



G.S. Yumnah El


Bottom of Form 2

Islam. I just would like to say Thank you for the enlightenment on the question/statement. I just know that I have never been to jail and I found the truth when I was seeking it. Which is truly a blessing. I never knew about all of the conflict within the Temple then. Good info to know. All I know is that some people I know would say to me "that's a jail house religion". Now I have something to combat them with other than; I've never been to jail. I thank Allah for letting me come into contact with you if only by emails. I hope to continue to keep our lines of communication open. Can you give me any info on where I can obtain a application for Moorish American Citizenship? I was given this info about this citizenship application not to long ago but I don't know where to begin. I was never told about such an app. @ my Temple. Let me know one way or the other. Thank you for everything. I am now leaving as I came in Peace.


Isam Islam

To Brother Milton Moore-Bey

The gifts of understanding are the treasures of Allah and He awards everyone his measure in what seemeth good unto himself ,hath he endowed thee with wisdom,hath he enlightened thy mind with the maximums of Truth.

From the secrets of Allah let man learn Wisdom and apply to himself the instructions they give the thoughts of Allah cannot be circumscribed no finite mind can comprehend the infinite, I commend you Moor as you are nearing the pinnacle of Wisdom you my brother are starting to figure out one of mans greatest thoughts one of his greatest struggles the meaning of life,what is our purpose here on this earth as the thoughts of Allah cannot be circumscribed Allah is every where Truth may be observed at any time through all things for everything and everyone has it's time of unflodment, as well as it's time to teach, and there is no man that is favored in the eye of Allah, no big I or little you, and you my brother are starting to shine Keep striding young Brother keep striding.


D.Wajid Hubbert-Bey

The New Revealers

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Our Members Speak


              What I Uphold And Stand On

As a Moorish American Moslem, I follow Islamism. Islam as Prophet

Noble Drew Ali brought is that old time Religion and Everlasting

Gospel. It is the true and divine creed of Islam. It is that saving

power that comes from Allah, through our ancient forefathers, which

teaches about the mysteries of the Supreme Being, Allah, the All

Encompassing Divinity. I believe that from Allah proceed the seven

creative spirits (Elohim-the seven eyes of Allah), and all the

worlds, and the entire universe. Since Allah manifests as the seven

creative spirits, Allah can be worshipped as a masculine or as

feminine. I believe that there is only one Supreme Being, Allah, and

that the seven creative spirits are expressions of the One Supreme

Being, Allah. As a Moorish American Moslem, I strive to come into

harmony with the seven creative spirits, the seven eyes of Allah, by

developing within my personality the different virtuous and divine

qualities they symbolize; this will lead me closer to Allah. As a

Moorish American Moslem, I also believe that Supreme Being I call

Allah is the same Supreme Being that is worshiped by other religions

under different names.

I believe that Allah established all creation on the divine

principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice and that my

actions, determine the quality of life I lead and experience. If I

act with the divine principles of love, truth, peace, freedom, and

justice my path will be free of suffering and pain. When I forget

the divine principles and act in an unrighteous manner, I invite

suffering and pain into my life.

As a Moorish American Moslem I believe when my body dies, my heart's

actions will be examined against the divine principles of love,

truth, peace, freedom and justice. If it is found that I upheld the

divine principles during my lifetime, I will have a positive out

come, and my spirit will become one with Allah for all eternity.

This is what I call the Spiritual Awakening-Enlighten ment. If it is

found that I acted with selfishness and greed, I will have a

negative out come, and my soul will suffer after death and then be

reincarnated again to live in the world of time and space again.

As a Moorish American Moslem I believe in the teaching of Noble Drew

Ali, following the path of Islamism, by practicing the disciplines

of Islam, which include: Study of Wisdom teachings, Devotion to God,

Acting with Righteousness and Meditation. Allah provided the Holy

Koran of the M.S.T. of A., the spiritual teaching that was divinely

prepared by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali so that the Moors might study

the wisdom teaching of Islamism. Two most important Moorish American

Islamic scriptures are the Holy Koran and the Moorish Questionnaire,

and the most important Moorish American Islamic story is the

Resurrection of Jesus.

By the practice of the disciplines of Islamism, I will discover the

Mysteries of life and become Pure of Heart. I will become one with

God even before death, and I will discover supreme peace, abiding

happiness and fulfillment of my life's purpose, and promote peace

and harmony for the world.

What I Believe and Uphold

1. The Purpose of Life is to Attain the Great Awakening-

Enlightenment- Know thyself.

2. Islam enjoins the spiritual investigation as the highest endeavor

of life.

3. Islam enjoins that it is the responsibility of every human being

to promote order and truth.

4. Islam enjoins the performance of Selfless Service to family,

community and humanity.

5. Islam enjoins the Protection of nature.

6. Islam enjoins the Protection of the weak and oppressed.

7. Islam enjoins the Caring for hungry.

8. Islam enjoins the Caring for homeless.

9. Islam enjoins the equality for all people.

10. Islam enjoins the equality between men and women.

11. Islam enjoins the justice for all.

12. Islam enjoins the sharing of resources.

13. Islam enjoins the protection and proper raising of children.

14. Islam enjoins the movement towards balance and peace.


Bro. M. Moore Bey



The Power Of Truth Through Our Prophet Noble Drew Ali


The Power Of Truth

Noble Drew Ali ask the question what is Truth,Truth is Aught, What is

Aught, Aught is Allah. Nobble Drew Ali the reincanation of Jesus,

Mohammed, Buddah, and Cofusious. The Prohet teaches us that Truth

cannot change or pass away but what most miss is there is a Power in

Truth, and our Prophet bought forth this Truth at a time when the

thoughts of men had become sluggish, they were enraged angered,

fustrated, to them life as they knew it was in one way or another


It was this Truth that Noble Drew Ali bought to us that gave us a

new hope restored our faith, this Truth gave life and new meaning to

thousands of Asiatics here in North America, this Truth gave life to

the dryest bones giving a new since of Pride in our people, and many

became messangers of this Holy Light, Fezzes and turbans were seen in

the streets, people flashed their cards at Europeans,the new time had

been declared, and the Moors rejoiced in this new found truth. There

were those who sought to cease the turmoil in the lifes of others if

thy brother is in adversity assist him if thy sister is in trouble

forsake her not, in one another the Moors by the power of the Truth

taught, the Moors found Unity, their words were songs of praise and

thanks giving, where men waited in idleness looking for miracles,

thinking they could do no more than their fathers before them.

Allah the Great God of the Universe ordained the Prophet Noble Drew

Ali to redeem us from our sinful ways.To him were given the keys to

open the dawn of a new day approved by the master minds of the

heavens and earth Noble Drew Ali was sent forth as a Blessing to the

Asiatics of North America. I have seen were European writers have

claimed that our Prophet was illiterate, in their books he may have

Been but He was Blessed with wisdom,honor, glory, power,

riches,blessings, and strength forever five times over.Amen, and

being that our God Allah is a merciful God there is food enough for

us all.

Praise Allah, and honors to His Prophet Noble Drew Ali.


D.Wajid.Hubbert- Bey



Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.


                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.