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Examination Of the Morrish Science Temple

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An Examination of Moorish Science

by Brother R. Edwards El

Lesson #1

Q: What is Moorish Science?

A: Moorish Science is a Body of Knowledge, based upon


distinguishes and separates the descendants(proceeding from an

Ancestor or source) of slaves, from the institution of slavery.

"BODY OF KNOWLEDGE": In the context, refers to training or

instruction which is expected to produce a specific character or

pattern of behavior(an instruction that produces moral or mental im-


The statement "...Based on identification" refers to the

character or essential subject of instruction. In this case, the

subject matters are: Nationality(a people having a common origin,

tradition, and language and capable of forming or actually

constituting a nation-state.) and Divine Creed(divine: of or

relation to or proceeding directly from Allah; Creed: a set of

fundamental beliefs; a guiding principle.), as it relates to the

National and Spiritual identity of the Moorish American Moslem


Q: What is your Nationality?

A: Moorish American

Q: Why are we Moorish Americans?

A: We are descendants of Moroccans, born in America

Q: Who were the Moroccans?

A: In a restrictive sense, Moroccan refers to the Nationals of

Morocco, and their immediate descendants. However, Moroccans, in

this context, refers to that conglomeration(a widely diversified

group.) of African tribes inhabiting the Nort Western and South

Western shores of Africa; beginning with Moabites, Canaanites,

Hittites, and Amorites, who sojourned(a temporary stay) from the

land of Canaan and extending to modern nationalities, like the Ibo,

Yoruba, Ashante, Fulani, Mandingo and Hausa.

Q: What does Moorish mean?

A: Moorish means to be like the Moors, the dark hued aboriginals of

Africa. (One of the Arab and Berber conquerors of Spain; from the

Latin word- Maurus: inhabitants of Mauritania- a member of any

several Muslims of the Southern Philippines; any of the Austronesian

Languages of the Moor Peoples).

MOOR means dark hue; ISH means to be like.

Q: Who were the Moors or Moorish, in terms of civilization?

A: History informs us that they were the dark hued aboriginals of

Africa, who founded the first civilization on earth. It was they who

charted the stars, created the science of Astronomy(the study of

objects and matter outside the earth's atmosphere and of their

physical and chemical properties) and the science of Human

Enlightment and Advancement(Psychology).




Q: What is the "Institution of Slavery", as it lends itself to the

definition of MOORISH SCIENCE?

A: INSTITUTION OF SLAVERY, in this context, refers to that period in

American history, between 1779-1865, when the descendants of Africa

were brought to America, and held in physical bondage.

"INFLUENCES OF..." refers to the Psychological effects of the

Institution(a significant practice, relationship, or organization in

a society or culture) of slavery, as far back as the "Seasoning

Process", and as recent as our modern dependency. Also refers to the



A: To name ALL of the things that are a direct result of the

institution of slavery would be a document in itself. However, the


were imposed upon the slaves, along with the social, political,

educational, and economic dependencies, are the most outstanding

psychological effects of self hatred and spiritual unconsciousness

are the Legacies of Slavery.

In the origins and developments of these degrading words, as

they have been applied to the slaves, are the terrible seeds of

racism and hatred, that permeated(to spread or penetrate something)

this western culture and society of which the spores(production) of

violence and brutality formed a perpetual(ccontinuing forever)

system of inequality and poverty.

The names(negro, colored folk, black people, and ethiopian) that

were given to slaves robbed their descendants of an extended

history; a glorious history that went far beyond the western

institution of slavery.

With the application, usage, and acceptance of these names,

physical slavery gave birth to mental slavery-a complete reliance

upon others, in the area of economics, education, politics, and

social wefare.

Q: Name one of the effects of slavery?

A: Since these degrading terms had their origins and developments

in slavery and hatred, they had the psychological "turn-in" effect,

upon the bearers of these "indices"(index: a device that leads one

to a particular fact or conclusion) to the slave-master's mentality.

Thus, the hatred and hostility that the earlier slaves felt for the

slave-master, became a sort of intro-agression, into the system of

slaves themselves. Instead of destroying the thing that belonged to

the slave master, the mental slaves destroyed themselves.

Q: How does the Moorish Science Temple hope to remove the influences

of slavery?

A: The Moorish Science Temple is accomplishing this by teaching the

descendants of slaves who they are, in terms of their relationship

with their Creator, and how to organize this knowledge, is that they

may take their rightful place in the affairs of Man.

Q: How did the Prophet begin to uplift the Moorish Americans?

A: By teaching them to be themselves, their culture, history, and




By: Dr. R. German Bey, G.S., Prince of Peace


1. Who made you? ALLAH

2. Who are you? I am spirit from the everlasting Past til the never

ending days to come

3. Why are you spirit? Because man has two selves the higher self and

the lower self and I proclaim the higher self

4. What are you? I am an Asiatic Moslem

5. Why are you Asiatic? Because there is one race the human race

divided into to subordinates Asiatic and European and I proclaim to be


6. Are all Asiatics Moslem? No not all Asiatics are Moslem just the

true and faithful

7. What is the hue of your skin? Olive and ranges from the darkest of

dark to the lightest of light.

8. What is your Religion? Islamism that old time religion

9. Why do you follow Islamism? Because it is the way of my forefathers

divinely prepared for my earthly and divine salvation.

10. What is religion? Law

11. What is law? Government

12. What does law allude to? Land, air, and water

13. How old is your religion? As old as ALLAH himself






Koran Study

1. the geneology of _____ with _____ years of the events ?

2. These events occured before ____ was ______ of age ?

3. The lessons of this ___ are not for _____ but for the sake _____?

4.. The Moslems of ____ had these secrets and held them back_____?

5. When the time appointed by ___ they loosened the ____ and freed these_____?

6. These secrets have been delivered in the hands of the _________?

7. The industrious acts of the _________ Africa.

8. These are the _____________ who were driven out of the land of ______?

9. By_____ and received permission from the Pharos of ____ to settle that portion of Egypt

10. where is that portion of Egypt ?

11. in later years what kingdoms were formed. and what are they called today ?

12. when was all authority and rights of publishing this pamphlet ?

13. The name and symbols are covered by ?

14. What is the name of our Divine Instructions ?



further examination for the Moorish science Temple

Understand that the word "Moor" means dark hued people of

Africa, the founders of Civilization, it should be clear that to

me, "Moorish" is to be "like the Moor".

Being like the Moor is to recognize and accept the genetic

(releating to or determined by the origin, or development of

something) and intellectual traits of our progenitor(an Ancestor in

the direct line: forefather), as a part and a parcel of our


No instruction or body of knowledge can exist without a

tradition, or a history, to give it richness and reliability.

Therefore, to teach a people their nationality is to teach them

certain aspects of their history. Thus, to teach their divine creed

is to teach them the possibilities of Man.

Q: What are some of the cultural particularities of the Moorish

American Moslem(Muslim)?

A: Names- 1.EL: signifies creative abilities. It connects us with

Moab, who came to Africa to Asia(the Land of Moab), and received

permission from the Pharaoh of Egypt to inhabit the North Western

and South Western shores of Africa.

2.BEY: signifies governing abilities. It connects us with

the Moroccan Empire, which was founded in Africa, by the descendants

of Moab.

3. El and Bey reconnects us to our History, our culture,

our customs, and our traditions. Giving us back our spiritual and

our national life.

Dress- The Moorish Fez: 1) National Headdress of the male Moorish


2)The Moorish Crown: Symbol of submission and obedience to

ALLAH and membership in the Moorish Science Temple.

3)The Moorish Turban: Symbol of submission and humility to


Customs and Rituals- Manner of prayer: opening and closing our

religious services and meetings, and the manner in which we greet



The term "Nationality" refers to the social-political organization

of a particular group of people. It also refers to a people linked

by common descent, from a common ancestor, and sharing a common

history, language, and religion. In most cases, a geographical

location is identified as a source of origin for a nationality


However, the Moorish concept of nationality differs from the

standard definition, in that it is not based on specific

geographical locations, in the classical sense, as the source of our

national descent. Rather than a specific location, our national

descent name, "Moorish", embraces our people, no matter where their

national source of origin is in the world.

Birthrights of the Moorish Americans

Although, it may be argued that we have certain basic organizational

rights associated with our membership in the Moorish Science Temple

of America, Inc., and certain National rights as citizens of a free

national government, the birthrights referred to on our nationality

cards are divine and/or spiritual rights that are granted to all Men

by the Creator of the Universe. To be the Lord of all planes of

existence; to reach spiritual unfoldment(expansion: blossom), and to

be a Moslem(Muslim): one whosubmits to the will of ALLAH.

It should be noted that these birthrights are not limited to the

Moorish Americans. According to the revelation of God, every man

achieves spiritual unfoldment. Therefore, our Nationality card is

the key to the door of an organization, designed to teach us how to

obtain our birthright. (Refer to the Holy Koran of the Moorish

Science Temple of America(Circle Seven): Chpt. 7:31, chpt. 10:22-25,

chpt. 11:38, Chpt. 17:40-41, chpt. 35:21-29, and Chapter 1. Also,

the Great Koran of Mohammed, surah 2:45-46, 7:31.

We Honor All Divine Prophets

As Moslems(Muslims), we are required by the Word of Allah to honor

all Prophets sent by Allah. (Refer to Great Koran of Mohammed, surah

2:136, 177, 285).

"I declare that you are a Moslem, according to the Holy Koran of

Mecca: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice."

The Holy Koran of Mecca is the revealed Word of God Allah. It is

here that the religion of Islam(Peace) is perfected. It is also the

book that sets the guidelines for being a Moslem(Muslim). It is the

criterion(A standard on which a judgement of decision may be based).

(Refer to Great Koran of Mohammed, surah 30:30, 5:3)


This is a declaration of citizenship, in conjunction with our

corporate mandate, which states:..."to teach our members how to be

better citizens..." In other words, the Prophet is pointing out, to

us and the rest of the world, that we are citizens of the U.S.A.

Q: What are we referring to when we say, "we are descendants of

Moroccans and born in America"?

A: We are speaking of that conglomeration of African tribes,

inhabiting the Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa;

beginning with the Moabites, Canaanites, Hittites, and Amorites, who

sojouned from the land of Canaan(Refer to Holy Koran of the Moorish

Science Temple of America(Circle Seven) 47:6.






                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.