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Our Corporate Structure For The MSTA.INC
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Our Corporate Structuring via the Religious Act of Incoporation


The Incoroporation of the Moorish Science Temple Inc.

The acts of incorpoation as well as the history surounding each act the Religious Corporation Act.

The Religious corporation act (805 ILCS 110/0.01)source p.a. 86a 1324

thissection lets us know that they are reveised form hurds revised statutes and Religious corporation act.many attempt to say that the Prophet set up the temple in a way that placed the Temple outside the jurisdiction,of the state of Illinois,because the Grand Body files reports to the secretary of state even after the incorporation M.S.T.A. July 20,1928 there is evidence of this file 1900-972-6/ dated Feburuary of 1929 annual report of the Moorish Science Tempe of America Inc. to the Secretary of of the state of Illinois.

this is required as we are a part of the United states via.the Illionois Constitution.

the portion of the MSTA under the leadership of then leader C.Kirkman-Bey now under the leadership of R.Jones-Bey is no diffrent than the MSTA that the Prophet set up.

thus we would not be able to use the litterature or any of the other artifacts of the Temple.


thus this gave Noble Drew Ali,Mealy-El,Small-Bey,Lovett-Bey and Foreman-Bey the power to form the religious corporation.May 2,1928 in a specail meeting of the members of the Moorish Temple of Science and officially adopted the Moorish Science Temple of America in accordance with section 35, July 20 1928 the status was changed from civic to religious organization upon filing the affidavit, as hereinafter provided it shall be and remain a body politic and corporate by the name so adopted.


The Prophet was the chairman of the meeting held July 20,1928 Brother Whitehead-Bey was the Secretary, they filed the form 1099 August 1,1928 at 2:52 P.M. section 36 laid out the form of filed documnet it is the formatt of Our Warrant Of Authority

thats why I Noble Drew Ali solemnly swear and not we as all power was vested in the Prophet the meeting held July 20,1928 was to appoint sheiks,(directors,trustees) the word affidavit is used in section of 36 is the one who executes an affidavit.

Very Important Clause

such congregation,church,or society may change it's name or make other amendments to it's original affidavit or incorporation by passing a resolution of such ammendment in accordance with rules and usages of such congregation Church or Society and filing affidavit to that affect in the office of the recorder in the county in which such corporation, church,society is located such affidavit or copy threrfore duly certified by the recorder shall be received as evidence of the due incorporation of such church, congregation, church, or society.

the resolutution must be passed by vote.officially called a quorum the minimal number of officers and members of committe or organization ususally a majority who must be present for valid transaction 2/3 of the vote is needed.Thus the electing such offices as Grand Advisor,Grand sheik, ect is done by law of the quorum the quorum convenes and the resolution is passed by more than 2/3 vote of the officers of the MSTA this would be the Grand Body according to Sec 36 of Our Authority..Such affidavit or copy thereof duly certified by the recorder shall be received as evidence of the due in corporation church or society the recorder County Clerk Salome Jasconowskic

This Concludes this Part of the Incorporation

Of the MSTA Inc.

Continuation of the Incorporation of the Moorish Sience Temple.

(sec 37)

Determines the term of office as set up by rules and by-laws of the congregation,church,or society the officers are placed in ofice for one year, during convention time the offices are vacated til the end of the convention with elections and appointments just as the Prophet did it at the first convention, convention officials are elected to run the Grand Major Temple this is to keep Government of the MSTA always in Place.

(sec 38)

Explains in case there is failiure to to select trustees to office at any time shall not work any dissolutions of such corporation but the trustees elected shall be considered as in office until their successors are elected but there must be a failiure to elect trustees.


Short titile this act may be cited as the religious educational or charitable corporation dissolution act. (from chapter 32.Paragraph 200.9)

They may sell any and all properties of any and every kind belonging to the corporation out of proceeds with any money belonging to the corporation they shall pay all debts against the corporation under written conditions requiring the return of said sum in case the purpose of the corporation are not carried out they shall transfer and deliver all funds and property remaining in their hands after the payment of debts and return of donations as here in before provided to the religious denomination having change or patronage of the said educational and charitable corporation. by tranferring and delivering said funds and prpoerty into possession and control, that regularly constituted body in such religious denomination by which the trustees of the said educational or charitable corporation are nominated or elected.

this conludes this teaching of the MSTA coporation according to the Acts of Incorporations

this is the structuring and control of the MSTA.Inc. we hope this helps all who read it in knowing the true structure of our Organization.


D.wajid Hubbert-Bey


J.Hairston Bey

Thi link will take you to other teachings on the Structuring of our corporation


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