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The angel of Allah raised from amongst us to bring us the saving power that comes from Allah that comes from our ancient Fathers by way of His prophets and we beleive this Most Noble Figure Noble Drew Ali to be that Prophet sent to us the Moors of North America to redeem us of our sinful ways and to reunite us to the family of nations restoring our lost heiretage,history,and Nationality to be recognized by the nations of the Earth thus we give high honors to our Prohet Noble Drew Ali.
                          OUR SAVIOUR

Just like in the days of Jesus there had to come one before the face of the Messiah to prepare the People for the coming Message one came with the shout UP UP YOU MIGHTY RACE YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU WILL thus this page is dedicated to the forerunner of our Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garveyplease click this link to see some of the quotes and conceptes Of Marcus Garvey

Our own place of worship
The year 1926 the Moorish Temple Of Science was incorporated into the U.S. Government as a civic organization for the sole purpose of uplifting a down trodden People by teaching them their nationality and divine creed,in 1928 this same organization took on the name Moorish Science Temple Of America  changing it's status to a religious organization thus becoming the first Islamic Temple,organization ect. in this country and we are carrying on its illustrious tradition and goals thus we bring you this site in hopes of reaching a wider audiance
D.Wajid Hubbert-Bey

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If you have race pride and love your race come join us here and become a part of this divine effort in the educating of our People that they may know that they are not negro,colored folk,black or ethiopian these help to remove the marks given to them in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during the time of Slavery

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                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.