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Some Religious Beleifs
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Friday our holy day of rest

The Prophet teasches us that the first man was formed in flesh,and it was on a Friday the first man departed out of flesh and ascended on to his fatrher God Allah and for that reason friday is the holy day for all Moslems all over the world.

the question has been asked many times over was this one man or two let us forgett the flesh and go with mind and backwards man can trace himself and thus he knows.

The prophet gave us the history of the first man in chapter one of our Moorish Holy Koran.when he said that man is not the body nor the soul he is a spirit and a part of Allah.He is the Human Seed tht came forth form the heart of Allah. So in taking this drawing I conclude that the First Man was indeed the Spirit Man whom was formed in the Flesh. Paul asked the question in the book of Corithians of the Holy Bible howbeit was not first which is Spiritual but that which ia natural and afterward spiritual. we are taught that the shame and glory have been misplaced and that man debased himself after reaching this rate of atmosphere in other words man in his finite point of view no longer saw himself as a spiritual being but rather a fleshly being he no longer recognized the spirit that dwelled within and man became a product of his surroundings,making the flesh first and the spirit last.His spirit no loger dictated to the soul nor did it actuate the flesh.

Now that we know it was spirit man who was formed in the flesh is he the same man that departed out of flesh and ascended on to his father God Allah? while there are some who would argue that these were two diffrent men,and then again others would say that this was the same man,if we would study our Holy koran the Prophet says that all things must return to it's original source thus i draw that the first man to depart out of the flesh and ascend on to his Father God Allah was indeed the Fisrt man formed in the Flesh Spirit Man the same man who's name cannot be used. Jesus was not the first man to ascend on to his Father god Allah but ws the First to demonstrate it. by conquering the conquorer of men and ascending in spirit this is why Friday is our holy day for Prayer is the line that unites divinity and flesh it is the one time that man is aware of his connection to the spirit it is his will to receive the blessings of the spirit the one time that Man and Allah are one in spirit or thought as Jesus explains in the Bible I am in him and He in me.

Thus i draw that the first man is one and the same.


D.Hubbert Bey


Now let us draw of the symbol of the Moorish Science Temple of America

the Circle Seven this is a symbol I am asked about alot from people who see it just in passing. The circle seven is a symbol representing perfect man the circle as explained to me is the circle of soul representing mans return to the source from whence he came as it was from Allah that man came in spirit to the state of manifestation it is in spirit that man must return to the state from whence he came back at oness with Allah to become Perfected Man 7, thus the Imanuel 7, is now manifest so runneth thy life from thy outwards,and so runneth it into place again. Brother Jesus was the first to demonstrate this and became known as the logos circle seven,this sign was demonstrated again in 1928 by our Prophet Noble Drew Ali. The first and only American Born Prophet. The Prophet teaches us that the name Immanuel 7, means Allah in man. thus we learn that the greatest mystery of all times is how this Immanuel 7, lives in the hearts of men. Immanuel 7, cannot live in clammy dens of carnal things. the seven Battles must be fought.The seven victories won before carnal things like fear and self , emotions and desires are put away. When this is done the Immanuel 7, will take possession of the soul: the work is done and man and Allah are one.the Immanuel 7, is the child of Wisdom and Will Divine the Universal Love of Allah. Allah has sent it forth to the earth in flesh that many may know.thus we have the sign and number of perfected man.


D.wajid Hubbert-Bey


                            TEACHING REAL ISLAM

Islam Islam

I rise giving perfect praise to Allah the Father of the Universe

I give honors to the Prophet of the Most High the Prophet then

The Prophet Noble Drew Ali, I give honors to the forerunnuer who

was John the Baptist Elisha come again Marcus Mosiah Garvey

I give honors to all past Grandsheiks of the Moorish Science Temple

I give honors to the Present Grandsheik of the Moorish Science Temple

of America the fifth in the line of successors Robert Jones Bey and I give

honors to you cause when you honor man you honor Allah.

Islam Moors

Sometime when defending the Gospel it becomes a need to not only tell but to show as most do not even in this day of spiritual awakening live by faith they cannot see with the eyes of soul so we must still come in the form a rite symbolic for them. Therefore I will use the Holy Quran of Mecca to now prove we are teaching real Islam here we go back to the point that one must be trained now you will see that the Prophet bought us the Faith of Mohammed

The Prophet said that the Moslems of India,Egypt, and Palestine had theses secrets and held them back until the time appointed by Allah. the Holy Quran of Mecca says Surah 16: 101 - 102, and we change one communication for another communication and Allah KNOWS BEST what he REVEALS . They say the Holy Spirit has revealed it from your lord with Truth that it may establish those who beleive and as a guidance and good news for those who submitt. now remeber What the Prophet said for those who don not beleive in his Principles.

The Prophet also taught us that Friday is the holy Day for all Moslems all over the World, surah 19: 33-34 and peace on me on the day that i was born, and on the day I die and on the day I am raised to life such is Isa son of Marium this is the saying of truth about which they dispute. the Prophet also teaches us that Allah is the Truth, he ask what is truth, truth is aught what is aught aught is Allah surah 20:114 Supremely exalted is therefore Allah the King the Truth and 22:6 this is because Allah is the Truth he gives life to the Dead and because he has power over all things.

There are those who beleive that the Prophet was returning us to the Arabic Philosophy of Islam that is not so The Prophet tells us that we are going to have to take these teachings and straighten our Brothers out in the East let me Show you why Surah 25:30 and the Apostle cried out O my lord surely my people have treated this Quran as a forsaken thing surah 23:66- 70 My communications were indeed recited to you but you used to turn back on your heeels in ignorance talking none sense about the Quran and left him like one telling fables in the night is it then that they do not ponder over what is said or is it that there has come to them that which did not come to their fathers of old ( the secrets held back ) or is that they have not RECOGNIZED THEIR APOSTLE, SO THAT THEY DENY HIM ? or do they say there is madness in him Nay HE has bought them the truth and most of them are adversed from the truth.

through the honoring of all the Divine Prophet we understand that all of them taught Islam in one Degree or another the Prophet Mohammed was only one of the Warners surah 27:92 and that i should recite the Quran therefore who ever goes aright goes aright for his own soul, and who ever goes astray, I am only one of the Warners the Prophet Noble Drew Ali says man finds himself where he solves his Problem best, he also tells us to do as the soul dictates and in the end the decision shall always be right.

Moors I could go on and on but I think this shows not only are we teaching the faith of Mohammed but it also shows the Authority from the Holy Quran to do so

I leave as I came in

Peace. read Surah 10:10

D.Wajid Hubbert Bey

More Reffrence.

Reconnecting to the family of nations surah 49:13

the prophet Mohammed to confirm teachings before him surah 61:6, 62:2

surah 33:40

The Prophet Noble Drew Ali surah 32:3 read Chapter 48:1 of the Moorish koran then read surah 30:42-43

Allah speaks through man surah 7:63,69

also read surah 2: 238-239 expalins ways to pray

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                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.