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Some of the Great fahers through wich Jesus came, Abraham,Boaz by Ruth, Jesse, King David, Solomon, Hezkiah, Joseph by Mary.

what is the significance of these great fathers, why would the Prophet make sure that we knew this linage, could it be that through a covenant made Allah to Abraham that his seed was made great,(Genesis 18:8 )and i will establis my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in thier generations for an everlasting covenant to be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee, and i wil give uthe land unto thee and to thy seed after thee the land wherein thou art strangers all the land of Cannan for an everlastin possession and i will be thier God. Allah also spoke of Sarah ( 8:16 ) and i will bless her and give thee a son also of her yea I will bless her and she shall be a mother of nations Kings of people shall be of her.

Through his son Issac a line of Prophets, Kings, Preist, Men of Righteousness were raised, or is there another reason, a reason that i have found most miss, if you go to the Holy Bible and study the wifes of each of these Great Fathers we find that through each marrige a new tribe or nation was added or reunited in the blood linage, all these great fathers were the decendants in one way or another to Abraham the father of many nations through his male decendants. the Uniting of Asia was carried out through marriges, Even in the linage of Ishmael such Prophets as Buddah,Confucious, Mohammed were raised still in the Linage of Abraham.

What I am trying to point out here Moors is the fact that the women named and not named helped to continue the Uniting as one family one blood, the Prophet even tells us what nations were united through the blood of Abraham. verse 2-7 chapter 45. The divine origin of the Asiatc Nations.

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                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.