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1865 the Cosntitution was enforced
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I have been asked the question what is this third generation law that this Brother form the Ressurection speaks of while I pray that this brother will find it within himself to give his interpetation of the law the question has made me go back and research the Words of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the Prophet said when he was in the flesh, these lessons are for the the third and fourth generations to come. a generation is thirty years. Then I was drawn to the words where the Prophet tells us at this time 1865 the Free National Constitution was enforced.

Brothers/Sisters all here what we must come to realize that at this time the 13th amendment became law and within this amendment were three badges of this law

1. Emancipation freed from all physical bondage

2. proclomation you are to proclaim your nationality and religion

3. composation we were to be composated for our years of bondage

These badges are called the dead badges of law, and there is a reason for that badge one is an illusion and badge three was never carried out for which there was a five year period to do it in, Badge two is the reason that the other two are dead and holds them in perpetual death because we as a nation of People have not utilized its power The Prophet bought us the everlasting Gospel of Allah the saving power that comes from Allah, through our Ancient fathers the Prophet said I bought you everything it takes to save a nation but take it and save yourself , he said If i can just get my Moors to think they could save themselves.

the Prophet bought Us the Saving Power From Allah what is it He said we are to Proclaim our Nationality that dont just mean to come to the Temple and Become a part of the Temple to make a Proclomation Moors is to announce Publically the Prophet said that it would be the Third and fourth Generation that would carry out his laws he said to be recognized by this government and the Nations of the Earth He said when filling out paper work Moors make your Proclomation put the El and Bey on your name, Nationality write it in Moorish American, Race Asiatic, Religion Islamism that old time Religion founded on the Profound Principles of love,Truth,Peace, Freedom and Justice, and you are to teach your People this same law why to empower them with the saving power that you have that they may be able to take it and save themselves. Moors this is a New Era of Time now and no matter what Grand body you sit in we must all draw that the time has come we cannot continue in the way of those before us who for the most part did not carry out these simple lil laws, who were and still are engaged in the very thing that split the temple into all these diffrent lil frations to beginn with. If we were all Proclaiming our nationality and carrying out the laws of the Prophet what we would come to realize is, there is one Temple one Prophet one Allah one Prophet one Nation Moorish Americans The Uniting would indeed be a fact. Salvation would be ours This is why we have to all learn to stick with the Prophet in his Lessons there is no seperation there is no I'm this and youre not in his lessons we all One, MOORISH AMERICAN UNITED FOR ONE CAUSE THE SALVATION OF ALL


D.Wajid Hubbert- Bey

Revealer Rising Star

Moorish American

our nationality card

Islam Islam

I rise giving Perfect Praise to Allah and honors to his Prophet Noble Drew Ali I give honors to all past GrandSheiks and Moderators of the Moorish Science Temple of America and I give honors to each and everyone of you cause when you honor Man you honor Allah

This Posting Moors is not a lesson but more or less an inquiry as I have found that many Moors do not know what their nationality card is why they even carry it, Moors your Nationality card is a form of Identification it lets those who see it know that you are indeed a Moorish American Moslem Citizen of the United State. and are not subject to the laws governing Free Blacks in this country. As it was pointed out in the Drew Scott case all those with more than 1/4 african blood are deemed PRIMA FACIE what this means is when skin color is your only defense the law sees you as no more than property of your slave owner and no proof of being free and therefore in the case of Drew Scott, are by law the property of those who claim you. This card is to be used as Identity as well as to show you are a Free National Citizen of the U.S. entitled to all the rights and Privelages of true citizens. you are not the Property or ward of the Federal Government of the United States who's citizens are granted the rights and Privelages of a true citizen. But that you are a member of the MSTA a citizen of the Moorish Government under your Prespective Temple. The Prophet says ( with us ) the Moorish Scince Temple of America, all member are to proclaim their nationality (Moorish American ) Moorish decent of American birth the terms by which your free national citizenship is determined oweing an allegiance to the ( Moorish Government ) and a respect to the laws and constitution of the said Government ( United States ) but to obey hereby. I was also taught of a phrase a long time ago Paramount and Qualified ( paramount a member of a political society ) Qualified

( citizen ).

1.The nationality card is you Identification announcing you as an Moorish American Moslem and a Citizen of the U.S.

2. It must be carried with you at all times

3. In a case where Nationality is a question it is your Proof that you are Free and not a ward of the Federal Government and are entitled to all the rights and Privelages of True citizens

4. you are not to be governed or judged by the laws that govern or judge the so called free Blacks in this country

5. you must be a member of the Moorish Science Temple of America and in good Standing or else this card will do you no good remeber ( With US ).

6.It removes the marks that were placed on you and hold you in perpetual slavery.

7. it also points out the fact that you are a citizen of a free National Government

Islam it is not in the Possession of a good thing but in knowing it's use


D.Hubbert- Bey.

Moorish American Moslem U.S. Citizen

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                                           WISDOM WILL LOVE

                                       SEVEN SPIRITS OF ELOHIM

                                        what men call lesser Gods

                       protoplast earth plant beast man angel cheribum


From Allah's own record book we read; The Triune Allah breathed forth, and stood seven spirits before his face. The Hebrews call these seven spirits Elohim and these are they their boundless power created everything that is or was.