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returned to the basics as that is what is sometimes needed to keep one from climbing to high, as everyone has their time of unfoldment and in doing this miss alot of the lessons that are layed out before you what is being pointed out here is what the prophet tells us is the object of the Moorish Science Temple the Civic Duties you Moors may add on as you deem fit but as I see it one must have an idea of what the Temple is about and realize just as the Brother was pointing out that hte Prophet was not teaching us to seperate he was reaching us to be a better citizen to be able to answer to thw laws and pronciples of the U.S. Constitution here I have exercised my Five and gave my portion and definition

1.What was and still is the object of the Moorish Science temple Of America.?

to uplift fallen humanity / by adressing the view points, and concerns that would lead to us being better citizens.

2. Were there others who had these same concerns ? the Prophet spoke of the Great Program.

3.How are we to answer up to the U.S. Constititution ? by proclaiming our nationality by name and Principle.

4.what does this do? it gives us citizenship

5. Define Citizenship ?citizenship is defined as having dual citizenship thus we must answer to the Constitutional Law of Jus Sanquinis and Jus Soli.

6. Jus Sanquinis ? right of blood thus we proclaim to be Moorish

7.Jus Soli ? the right of birth the land in which you were born

8. what does this allude to ? that we are Moorish American decendants of Morroco born in America.

9.How are we taught to better citizens ? the Prophet tells us to obey the laws and Constitution of the said government.

10. Who is the said Government. The United States Govenment.

11. are you sure it is not the Government of the Moorish Science Temple ? hint

to become better citizens, the Negro problem is being solved only as it can through the Moorish Science Temple of America

Islam I hope this gives a better light on the situation, and shows that both of us had the best intrest of all in mind.


Dwayne Hubbert Bey

The Great Program
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The Uplifting Act

The Great Program of uplifiting Fallen Humanity taken from Moorish Leader Historical Message to America

as it had been pointed out the the main concern was to uplift those who had fallen out of the Constitutional of the United States of America and were classed as undesirables as pointed out in the DIVINE WARNING BY THE PROPHET FOR THE NATIONS those who fail to recognize the free national name of their constitutional government are classed as undesirables and are subject to all the inferior names and abuse and mistreatments that the citizens care to bestow upon them.

he tells us that so often our various journalist find trouble in in selecting the Proper Name for the Moorish American some say Negro, another will brand him Race Man, atill another will call him Afro American, and then Colored, Dark Americcan, Coon, Shine, The Brethren, and Your Folks it is indded a hard matter to find something suitable for the various occasions where a title needs to be used.


DID NIT THE LAND FORM WHICH THEY WERE FORCED HAVE A NAME it is a good Idea for those who duty is it to write for the various to find out what the NATIONAL NAME of these forefathers of these People were. also look into the History of the OF THE FOUNDERS OF CIVILIZATION:

the point here is to show that Noble Drew Ali is not just speaking to us but he was also speaking to this Nation on a whole it seems form this point of view that all needed to be Educated in this concern where various names had been given to TWENTY TWO MILLION PEOPLE .

Through European Phsycology they gave us names and defined the as inferior to theirs WHITE DEFINED AS PURITY, BLACK THEY SAY REPRESENTS EVERYTHING EVIL . making us sbject to any misuse and abuse they deemed fit to place upon us thorugh the intitution of such laws as jimcrowism, black codes, slave codes, what have you and our people as whole suffer this abuse still to this day. As it is a sin to violate the national Constitutional laws of a free National Government and cling to names and Priciples that delude to Slavery

This Concludes this Part of the Great Program


D.Hubbert Bey

Lets get back to teaching

But before I go any further let me correct a mistake I made, and I thank the Brother Sharif for pointing this out where I spoke of Dual Nationality I quoted that wrong the definition is Dual Citizenship, for which i will now speak on.

Barrons Law Dictionary 5th Edition

citizen a member of a nation or political community and may claim protection from it's government. all persons born are naturalized in the United states and subject to jurisdiction are citizens of the United States and of the state in which they reside.

Now here is the part of which I made the Mistake Nationality and this is according to law a child of foreign parantage born in the United States; We are the Decendants of Moroccans thus our nationality is Moorish and our Citizenship is American, it is America that has free national staus and we are protected under the free national Constitution of the United States of America I was asked then who is it that we would pay allegiance to it is to my drawing that we would owe allegiance to the United States Government. Being that it is from their Free National Status that we are Free National Citizens. this is the Priciple of Jus Soli the rightof Birth.But even in this there is a concern that must be pointed out Blacks, Colored , Ethiopian, Afro American ,ect. do not share in the Same rights as those who have proclaimed their nationality While those who have proclaimed your nationality are citizens of the United States those who have not are citizens of the Federal Government which is an Incorporation in itself and its citizens are protected under the 14th amendment which in essence is a Bill of rights this is why the Prophet stated if all men are created equal under the U.S. constitution there would be no need for the 14th and 15th amendment which is commonly know as the dead badges meaning that they are not a part of the Original Constitution and can be abolished at any time thus returning your citizenship from being citizens, to Natural Subjects of the land,

Through the connection of the Moorish Science Temple of America this right is protected Under the Origianl Constitution which Decalres all men equal, and was prepared for all Free National beings.

They are to claim their own Free national name and religion this is the Principle of Jus Sanquinis. There is but one Issue for them to be recognized by this Government and of the Earth and it comes only through the connection of the Moorish Divine National Movement. which is Incorporated in this Government and recognized by all other nations ( through the Incorporation the MSTA is recognized itself as having citizenship, it also has the staus as a political body, it's own delegates, or electees, governed by it's own costitution and By - Laws. a Government inside a Government thus by proclaiming you Nationality through the MSTA we are entitled to certain rights as the Prophet points out they and their children can receive their divine rights unmolested by other citizens, they can cast a free national ballot at the polls, under free national contitution of the States Government (for me this would be Missouri ) and not under Granted Privelage of the 14th 15th amendment as has been the existing condition for many generations.

The Prophet tells us that these laws were added to the constitution to give the South political power this is is called federalisim which i will explain at a later time.

Moors there is much to be learned as to what the Prophet actually bought. here we see that it was his concern to give us the tools needed to move us from being citizens by virtue of Granted Privelages, to receiving the rights of True Citizens unmolested by returning us to the Constitutional Fold Of A Free National Government making us Free National Citizens. also to remove the marks that perpetuated slavery. and to give those who have had so much Trouble in Identifying us when ever the need a name to call us by

Moors I end this Lesson in Part right Here I will reassume this lesson in it's second Part next Week, as I will make my humble attempt to explain the significance of incorporating into the U.S. Goverment and what benefits are derived from it. as well a Federalisim


D.Wajid Hubbert- Bey


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