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Friday, 15 August 2008
A Preist just For Yourself
Mood:  a-ok

The Ancient Egyptians beleived that an Individual was
made up of five differnet elements [the fundamental
part or principle ] the higher self which is
represented by the God Horus, the lower self which is
represented by the god Seth, the Soul or [Ba] the mind
[ Ab] and the Physical [Khat] and that the spirit was
complexed having a broken knowledge of the physical
body, and were the first to teach that everything
within the universe is the result of thought. Thus to
know thyself is the study of ones spiritual intellect
[Khu] which the Europeans named the psyche. And deemed
that the physical body is a combination of spirit and
matter having both a godly and animal nature.
The spirit brings these forces into control by
establishing moral values conditioning the mind to
good and corresponds with "the tree of life'" the will
and aspects of self making the lower self
[khaibit-shadow] submissive to the [khu] spiritual
intelligence controlling the behaviour, imagination,
intellect,sensual,and emotional faculties and is
presented by the God Heru the higher self [the inner
vision] conquering the lower self or the god Seth [
Cain and Abel ]. when building conciousnes we maintian
an equillibrium between the things that unite us and
the things that seperate us from the [all] When one is
able to see the divine cosmos [the universal system of
order and harmony in self ] and reconnects back at one
[Nehast -wake up ] the incarnation of the Divine, the
transmuting, but this will be done in a conflict upon
the [ba] soul, within the [Ab] mind.
We are taught about vibrations and rythm in connection
with the creation and fall of man these two actons
allude to the will and balancing of thought bringing
the thought into manifestation which is sustained by
the rythm and gives us the prnciple of cause and
effect. Cause and Effect is very important the truth
many ignore it man in arrogance man beleives he has
mastered the knowledge and has the ability to
manipulate nearly all the cosmic laws, but one of his
greatest weakness is that he cannot recognize much or
has not advanced far enough to realize that he is one
with the cosmos and the cosmos are one with him giving
him the power to create and destroy by speaking the
simple word "Be" directing the will and causing the
effect, his human senses of touch, smell, taste,
sight, and hearing, cannot detect the higher force and
thus closes the door on an absolute Spiritual Reality.
This is a disaster for mankind because we are eternal
beings expeirencing life through mortal physical
bodies and tend to adhere to our lower or animal
nature. Time has come now for man to to realize the
Hidden or what is called the Spiritual Body which is
Thought, Soul, and Mind, and raise to a higher
vibration and rythm thus creating new tones [ a higher
quallity of character]
God Men accomplishing the purpose of life, by coming
into existance of his own.
Men and women are to become God like through a llife
of virtue and cultivation of the Spirit through
scientific knowledge [ Know Thyself ] practice and
bodily discipline.
You Are Each Ones Preist For Yourself. and no one can
dictate your unfoldment it is only by the appointment
of Allah.



Posted by hubbert-bey at 4:14 PM EDT

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